Love is … Anniversary

Our One Year Anniversary | July 28, 2013


July 28th was our one year anniversary. We can’t believe that it has already been a year since our wedding! Its odd because I have always heard that the first year of marriage is the most difficult. I have to disagree because for us it has been the best. We wonder why we didn’t get married sooner! We have learned so much about each other being married and its truly been a blessing.

We have been looking for a place to take pictures for our 1 year anniversary and just our luck we discovered a beautiful park, Overpeck County Park, where we have recently been spending a lot of our spare time fishing and biking together with our puppy, Bruno. Its such a peaceful, clean, serene place to relax and spend quality time with family & friends. We were considering Central Park until we discovered this park/creek in New Jersey. We really wanted to celebrate this joyous occasion by having a photo shoot to have as a keepsake of our happy milestone. It felt like a second e-session and I have to admit it was tons of fun. It was a last minute decision and not being able to find a photographer in time, I asked my talented partner, Gina to take photos of us. She did an amazing job catching all the right moments! All our friends thought our photos were taken by a professional. Oh, and doesn’t my hair and makeup look flawless? Yup, Gina did that as well. I asked her to give me a dramatic smokey eye look with wavy curls and lots of volume and she delivered just that! (She has experience with bridal makeup. She’s a woman of many talents & I love her!) We couldn’t be more happier and thankful for our pictures that we can keep forever!

Here are some tips to know before your engagement pictures or any photo shoot:

1. Location. Its best to pick a place that has meaning to you. Choose a place/venue where you feel comfortable and happy to be. Somewhere that you are familiar with or holds value in your relationship that may be anything from a first date, proposal spot, favorite coffee shop or simply a hang out location.

2. Time of Day. The time of day you choose to take pictures is extremely important. Ideal time would be early morning or two hours before sunset. Avoid taking pictures at 3:00pm when it is harsh lighting. Overcast days are best for outdoor portraits. Its also easy to edit photos that have natural lighting.

3. Prepare and Plan. Coordinating your outfits and props are important part of the photo shoot. Keep things simple and comfortable to you. Try to avoid bright colors, large logos, or distracting designs. Wear something that you can be comfortable to move about in but that makes you feel pretty too. Props are always a plus to add a little personal touch to your photos. Also, plan ahead which props you would like to use in what outfit and in what location.

Our photo shoot wasn’t perfect, because nothing ever is; but we make it work, like we always do. And the result is always the same, it was an awesome experience and everything turned out beautifully! (Thanks a lot, partner) I would recommend all married couples to take anniversary pictures! It only take a little effort and time but the results are priceless!

Here are some detail shots of the day and a few of our favorites photos:







PicMonkey Collage


PicMonkey Collage


PicMonkey Collage



Do you think having a anniversary photo shoot is a good idea? Where would you have yours? Leave a comment we would love to hear your thoughts! Happy anniversary to all the love birds out there. Always keep the love alive . xo, lily


4 thoughts on “Love is … Anniversary

  1. Pretty pictures, and great advice on planning a 1 year anniversary photo shoot! I love the hair, and make up too! Gina unnie is truly talented in many ways, and an awesome photographer! Looking forward to your 2 year anniversary photo shoot!

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